Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diploma, Jobs & NCLEX

I got my diploma in the mail today which finally cemented the visceral feeling of being done with college. I've got a fancy piece of paper with my name on it saying I've completed a Bachelors of Nursing degree, which for whatever reason keeps reminding me of steam game achievements.

I'm signed up to take the boards on February 3rd, which is coming up pretty quick. My options for dates that were available were either that, or today. Considering the financial cost incurred should I fail and have to re-take the NCLEX at a later date, I opted to take some extra time to study and get my sleep schedule primed for an 0800 exam.

Once I've got that test out of the way, of which I have little doubt I will crush mercilessly with my vast knowledge of ass-wiping and infection control, I'm going to be searching for jobs with the Bugatti Veyron so we can be employed as a nurse couple ultra-team of making people feel better and getting paid bank to do it duo. But before that there will be a kegger or rager or some sort of ethanol fueled attempt at showing my parents what real debauchery and partying means. They have both admitted to not ever really attending parties and being entirely unfamiliar with what the scene entails. I have some teaching to do.

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