Wednesday, May 28, 2014



This was the date I made my last post on this blog. Perhaps if one day this garbage takes off this post may be of value.

This has to be said.

I previously had misogynist and libertarian views. In addition to that I was a babby student nurse who didn't know shit about the job while at the same time having big ideas of grandeur about how it would be. I don't disavow that I wrote them. I am, now, a very different person. A few pieces of garbage have been deleted. The rest are preserved. Please review those old posts with that in mind.

I am ashamed of most of them, but they're a part of who I was and it would be disingenuous to erase it and pretend I have always been the way that I am. Its been a long time, subjectively, but here I am trying this shit out again.

Welcome, welcome back, hopefully we all enjoy the change.