Saturday, September 11, 2010

A kid talks about abortion

His argument is profound, if not actually verbally articulated. The unintentional subtext here is why some fetuses should not be allowed to come to full term development; because they will inevitably sustain severe retardation of their neurological development due to environmental factors.

"I really hate democrats" is a phrase which I, without further evidence, do not believe probable to have originated from this young man's own mind. This video is an excellent example of the way that young humans are open to indoctrination, the beneficial evolutionary trait that religion has co-opted for its own benefit.

The emotional appeals, the inflection all reek of a preacher style sermon given to an already-believing crew of sheep.

P.S. I love that analogy for christians, especially because they claim it for themselves so often and well. Baaaaa!

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