Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I go to university to learn from experts in their field in order to prepare me to practice as a nurse and more importantly to gain knowledge for it's own sake. Personal anecdotes are not evidence and offer very little in the way of instruction. With that in mind, it frustrates me that my colleagues so often raise their hands in order to relate a story rather than inquire for more information. This occured ten times in my nursing of families class this morning. That class lasts 1:30h. At approximately a minute and a half per story itnoring any ensuing discussion, these noneducational stories take up fifteen minutes of class. I'd much prefer to get out early than have my time wasted.

In that same vein and class we were shown a memorial video for a stillborn child. The professor stated that it was to show the benefits of GRACE, an organization that assists with greif. This is all well and good but an eight minute video with dramatic video and music does not strike me as increasing my knowledge of how to care for a family. Every couple and family will grieve differently and will have unique needs. Watching what amounted to an anecdote was a dissapointing use of my time and money. I would have felt better sleeping in.

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